reKreasi Creative Playground

We called our company as Content Specialist & Creative Communication Playground.
We’re not only deliver your brand to society, we create a formula to meet what the client needs.
We put all effort to provide great services and create a lot of fun along the process.
Our aim is to create works that communicate and furthermore, captivate.
We never cease to broaden our insight in order to keep our ideas fresh and sharp.
As we work on solutions, we make sure that fun and positive ambience always surround.

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Our Playground

Content Factory

We generate information in graphics, motion and even verbally, tailoring it to suit your needs.

Digital Site Development

An effective website is a game changer, we see it as a must have tool in today's digital world.

Video Production

We create video content that are executed beautifully, engaging the minds of its audience.

Strategic Planning

Giving you a clear direction on which path to choose and helping you to respond to obstacles you meet along the way.

Digital Activation

Integrating multiple communication channel to build a connection and interact with your audience, seamlessly.

Social Media Generator

We will help you to build and maintain a dynamic relationship with your customers, as a way to improve sales.

What We Play

The Happy Team

Our Happy Mates